How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

5x8ft utility trailer, towed with a Chevy Bolt.
(With Infinite Improbability Drive!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


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Don’t forget your towel! :rofl:

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Yeah man! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:
I’m so pleased someone got the reference!

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Moving my posts into my own build thread for the hamster van.

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Rob, Nice! Can you tell us how the Bolt range was affected by trailer?

Dunno if this crossed your bow but it did for me in the 80s when I was a kid. The BBC did a version of HHGTG that I recall fondly.

It had that low budget Dr. Who feel that euro TV had in the earlier days.


That’s my favorite one! The one done by BBC! Most like the book, and the actors were perfect! Cheeky British fun!

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Considering that I’m not charging the Bolt to 100% (until I get my battery packs replaced under the recall) I seem to lose about 20 to 30mi of range towing the trailer. Not sure if it’s weight, or the air resistance of the trailer ramp…or both. But it drives good and sure doesn’t struggle with 200hp and 266ft/lbs of torque.


Great van inspiration. :+1:

Neat vehicle. Rare to see a Dodge work truck like the transit, least round here.

Hey Jacob! Here’s your old kart. I got a little utility trailer. Tools and what-nots go in the truck.



1991 Mitsubishi canter

@itsthejdmcantercamper on IG


Now we are talking! I love it! Is that yours Paul? I need to know all about it. Looks like the perfect rig. I had considered a Canter but only ever saw flatbed ones.

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I’m not sure they come cooler than that. :sunglasses:

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