How is your trailer setup?


(Tyler Shepard) #1

Pretty self explanatory, post up the inside of your trailer.
I’m currently using a 6x12 trailer to get me and another racer to the track. I’m looking for ideas on setting up the inside to be more efficient at storage. I will have at least one 8’ row of tire rack on the left side this week. Possibly two. The karts sit on a kart lift w/ stacker

Trailer for transporting a kart
Storing and transporting kart and tires in the trailer
(Wade) #2

Just start looking in people’s trailers. You come up with lots of great ideas.
I have my spare tire up front on the sidewall on floor, tire rack in the front with aerosol can shelves towards the back and tables storage against the wall.

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(Scott Sawyer) #3

We haul two karts in a 6x12 enclosed. I built a shelf that my son’s Cadet rides on, height is slightly higher than the kart stand. This lets me load without help. My kart rides on the floor. Generator between shelf and side door on the right. Three shelves up front for rains, chairs, tie down, etc. Rolling tool box and trailer jack strapped to the bottom shelf. Canopy, extension cord, and trailer spare on e-track on the left wall.

When the girls want to ride I can get the kid kart in the open area between the shelf and the tool box. Kart stands, bikes, scooters, cooler, portable grill all ride in the back of the truck.

(Jamie Gonzalez) #4

After being quoted 6k-8k for a custom size trailer decided to go different route!

Current setup is odd size trailer but works perfect 5 1/2 by 9 1/2. Older aluminum trailer but total investment in trailer and rebuild was under 2500$

(Morgan Schuler) #5

Here’s my 6x12 v-nose. 2 Pit Pal tire racks, Pit Pal fuel jug holder, Pit Pal wall organizer with shelf, Pit Pal nitrogen tank holder. 6 drawer tool chest bolted to the floor inside the door. Shelf built into v-nose and e track where I need it. I wish I had a bigger trailer.

(Tyler Shepard) #6

Lots of good ideas here. I started with a tire rack on one side and have ended up with a bit of rearranging after the last race.

(Eric Gunderson) #7

This is a super underrated yet well thought-out set up! Nice, nice work!

(Eric Gunderson) #8


If you’re yearning for more floor space in your existing trailer, you may want to consider a vertical kart stand, if your trailer’s dimensions would allow. That would free up a ton of floor space. We used to fit two karts + an immense amount of gear into a 14’ trailer thanks to the vertical stands. Run some more e-track along the side of the trailer and strap the kart to that.

(Phil Hetherington) #9

I’ve been working on trailer storage too ! Trailer is 6’6" x 5’3" 750kg unbraked single axle. The idea was to get bed, tools & kart in and have the bed all ready to jump in when you arrive in the paddock at midnight the night before the race. I’ve squeezed in the kart, bed, 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo, 84L tub, 2 x 64L tubs, 2 x 42L tubs, 2 x 35L tubs, 2 x 25L barrels, driv-up trolley, 2 sets of wheels & tyres, 4 x 5L petrol cans :slight_smile:

(James McMahon) #10

Welcome @Zetherington. I have to ask… What kart do you have?

(Phil Hetherington) #11

Swissauto 250cc EFI 4-stroke

(John Kwong) #12

I have been using an enclosed 6x12 for the past 10 years. I built shelf supports with angle iron and made the shelves do double duty as tables with folding legs. The tables are just high enough to roll a kart underneath in the trailer. I left enough room in the back to put my rolling cabinet and toolbox in so that the trailer tongue weight was balanced out better. I built a work table at the front with sliding plywood doors that aren’t pretty but they are functional and cheap. This year I added an axle stand made out of leftover wood to go next to the two EZ-UP canopies that I store in the trailer full time.

(Michael Zahorski) #13

Finally remembered to take pics of my setup. I have a 7x14 trailer. I have e-track on the floor to secure the kart, and e-track on the wall. Originally, I had 2 karts, and was at 3 at one point, but now down to 1. When I had 2, I placed 2x6 across the back and put the two karts on the two levels, but now just roll it in on a double kart stand. I have cabinets up on the side, along with a home made tire rack. I have a table top on the opposite that folds up out of the way during transport. In the front v-nose section, I have more cabinets, and a roller toolbox fit into a cutout, another bench top and then a top shelf for storage.

(Scott Sawyer) #14

Now why didn’t I think of that? I use the same layout but have always put the toolbox in the front. If I move my shelf forward I wouldn’t have to use a ramp and roll the tool box in the side door. Might have to make some changes before next weekend!

edit- Might even be able to get the kid kart in the front by putting the nose under the shelf. Cool!

(idahoskiguy) #15

Twenty foot car hauler, transports three karts on pit stands nicely.

(Ted Hamilton) #16

6x10, built custom shelf to hold kart and throw gear underneath. Generator and misc. up front.

(Steve Pribyl) #17

We have a 19ft toy hauler/camper. The karts go in on a stacker that holds my main tool box. I have a giant tool box that holds parts. It all travels in side and the it all rolls out for the weekend.
When we have a stop over on the way, if its just two we sleep in on the floor in the front, because karts and tools. Don’t know what we would do with more then two, probably hotel or tent.