How many caster a frame has? (Standard Caster Angle)

Hello guys

Does anybody know how many degrees has the standard caster in a kart frame? I mean, removing wheels, hubs, kingpin, and leaving just the C, how many degrees would we found if we measure the inclination of the C compared to the ground?
I’ve heard we can have caster between 15º and 22º, so I assumed the frame excluding kingpin would have something around 18,5º but reading some messages at KP forum I found some guys saying OTK has around 10º and we can go up to 15º when we have full caster with pills up and down, so I got confused.
Does anybody have this info?

Every kart is different.


For the OTK caster angle of the C is 10,2 degre

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When people are saying 10, 10.5 etc they are talking about the “camber” of the C section, the degree the C section is leaning in towards the center of the chassis.

The caster angle is different for every manufacturer (and probably between models) but typically ranges from 15 to 20. I don’t know of any that are 22. I think OTK is about 18 degrees but I haven’t measured it in a looooong time.


The C on a OTK is 10.2 degre of caster, end of…

Last time i checked, “end of” was not a constructive scientific basis for proof lol.

So I measured with an angle meter in 2017 and it was 18.something. I can’t remember what was after the decimal point lol.

Now I’d accept they might go up or down a little from there, but the lowest caster angle (of the C) I know of is 15. 10 is unheard of.

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I just measured 19.7° and 18.0° of caster on the left and right sides, respectively, of the 2012 Kosmic sitting on my living room coffee table. I assume the difference comes from the chassis not being completely straight as it is pretty old at this point, so I’m going to assume standard caster is 18°.

Edit: specifically thinking about it, I got someone with the front left of that chassis at a club race like 4 years ago and never straightened it, so I would think that the left side is off by a bit

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If you’re looking for the total caster effective at the wheel, one also needs to consider the rake on the stub axle which varies from manufacturer too.

Good times.

I’d be surprised if OTK have not changed the caster angle at the C over the models or years…


What I heard is that, frame has something around 18º and we can go up to 22º when we attach kingpin and adjust max up and down (full caster).

Absolutely, the effect is a combination of the kingpin inclination (longitudinally and latitudinally), scrub radius and the angle of the stub and they are all intertied.

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