How many old iame leopards are out there?

This is a great motor and a great class. Is there anyone out there running one?? Hit me up


There are so many leopards out there. Almost every kart shop nationwide likely has at least one gathering dust. Most major Karting series don’t run a premier category for them, but they are common in road racing or club racing applications still. Keep the revs reasonable and they will run a while!

Full Tilt sells a lot of lower priced karts used w leopards for those on a budget. We see some leopards in the club races, mainly new guys and gals. (NJ, NY)

F Series Gearup has a Leopard only class. Typically get 25-32 karts per race. Bought my Leopard for $700. Runs like a champion. It is an old engine but runs reliably. I spin it to high 16k even 17k on some tracks and rebuild it every 6-8 hours.