How much is this kart worth?

Hello everyone! Sorry if this isn’t the right thread to post this, but could anyone tell me the value of this kart I have here (I am not very familiar with it). It was bought by my dad a long long time ago and he can’t remember for how much he bough it for.

Thanks a lot!

Not much from a race perspective. It is older. Karts have a short shelf life.
It appears in fairly good shape though and some parts may have value. I don’t think it is quite vintage valuable yet, but worth checking. See if there is a ID plate (Silver on the rear cross tube??) and take a close up pic. Someone on here better suited to advising you might help
In my opinion I’d say $500-750 at most (assuming the engine runs) just as a kart someone could make laps on just for fun. I think if someone wanted to race they would be better off buying a newer used kart.

Where are you located? It’s not vintage, but it’s from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Kosmic chassis (made by TonyKart). There’s a group in the UK that’s dedicated to these era of karting called F100.

The engine (Vortex VA98) is for the “JICA” class which was for 12-16 years old drivers. The chassis could be used in that class, or senior classes. The right side pod has been modified to accommodate a senior engine at some point. You might see people refer to that body style as “breadbox”

Value, depends on how you are selling it/who you are selling it to. But roughly $600 would be on the high end within the Karting world. But these karts sometimes can get more coin if the right buyer comes along and the kart is in good shape.

I say restore it!!! It looks like it has potential and it’s one of the most iconic engine/chassis combos from the era.

Also, they are pretty fast karts. If you decide to fire it up, post a topic and we’ll guide you through what should be done before you turn it over.

Also @Mynameismcgyver will want to see this.