How to prepare my son for the jump from 206 to ROK GP?

We’re looking at making the jump to ROK GP jr next season. Now our season just ended, so we have a good 6 months to get prepared, I’m probably getting way ahead of myself, but is there anything i can do in the off season to prepare myself and my son for the big step in performance?

Does he sim? Might be useful if jumping to a faster engine. Drive faster formula or Indy stuff.

Big jump. Dom’s advice isn’t bad, play some racing games or sim in something quick so he can adapt to how quickly things happen. It’s quite a difference from 206 to Rok.

He does, mostly forza with friends online, I’ll have to look into iracing or something else.

Oh I’m aware, hence why I’m wanting to have a good plan to attempt to help him prepare. Aside from getting as much practice time as possible when the track opens in the spring.

Yeah to be specific, high downforce cars. Others may disagree but if you want to simulate two stroke, they are best.

Kartkraft is excellent but not worth buying at this point as it’s unsupported and buggy.

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Any opportunity to jump in someone else’s or rent a KA100 or VLR for the afternoon? That would at least get him halfway there before making one really large step. Even 100cc to 125cc can be a big step up. I feel like I’m walking when I jump from the X30 or Rotax back to the KA100.

Thats not a bad idea, unfortunately there is no VLR jr locally, KA doesn’t exist at all here. I do have a friend with a VLR masters setup, any idea how a VLR masters package compares to a ROK GP jr?

If it’s full of lead it will be much slower. Dump all the lead and I’d guess a light 100cc senior package would be 60-70% the speed of a ROK Jr.

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