IAME X30 engine performance

There should be a function to translete in your browser? Are you using google?

I mean im a fast leaner… its not so much to a 2 stroke engine. Since that i joined my builder for cuple of days in weekends, now i have revuilt around 6 customer engines all that work great.
I know it might seem suspect, but all i do after school is go to garage do things, read and learn new stuff. Often remember it straight of and i try to do it physically after learning it theoreticaly,

On a complete tangent, just wanted to thank you for the time taken to write some nice words on the OK-N, well explained and concise :blush:

As we are on the topic, we will release some official PR with exciting news from Mexico on the matter at some point during December, and the platform’s usage in North America will keep on steadily growing…