IAME X30 Shifter: Newbie question

Hey everyone. Thanks in advance for taking a moment with my question, I really appreciate it.

New to gas karts. I have recently acquired a KZ style BirelART with a 2017 IAME X30 engine (TAG, shifter), and Dell’Orto VHSH 30 carb.

Rather than explain what I’m experiencing on my neighborhood test runs and ask for thoughts on cause, I’d prefer to ask it this way - if you had this engine and carb, and you believed your carb to be properly set up for the conditions (i.e. the appropriate jets, needle, etc.) and you believed everything else to be in proper working order, how would you expect the engine to behave if you never took it over let’s say 6000 RPM? And would that engine behavior change as it got warm, vs. while still cold?

Again many thanks for your time and thoughts.

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Where are you located? There’s next to no power at 6000 and beyond before it gets “on the pipe”. Cold or warm it’s not designed to be lugged that low. Once it gets on the pipe (probably around 9000) it will go from what feels like zero power to 40HP.

ps. most of the deaths I have personally encountered or heard of were playing on the street in their racing karts. Not worth it. Especially with a shifter and no matter how careful the driver is.



Yeah. I had the idea to take my kart out when it was new but my dad stopped me and said it was not woth it… You for example test it at you track if it has some little road on the side. My track has a small testing road/straight you can test stuff on

And on the hot / cold. There will almost be no difference on 6000 rpm… Its only if you go up to higher the engine might not have the highest rpm. For example my iame when cold at max throttle at around 35 celcius max rpm is 14 600 when warm at 48 its 15 800rpm.

At 6000 rpm the spark plug will probably foul before it gets warm :joy:

Thanks everyone.

Definitely appreciate the comments re: running off-track, I don’t mean to endorse or otherwise condone it and there’s no way anyone with any sense of when they are / not in control of something would push one of these on a neighborhood street. This engine is new to me but used, completely untested, and the track nearest to me is a good two hour drive so before I took it out and potentially wasted my day, I just wanted to see if it felt like it was going to run normally - a few trips up the street and back, which by me is empty (no people, houses, cars) and fairly smooth. Still, I didn’t feel comfortable going over like 15-20 MPH, but then that meant I was never really pushing it, and what I think you’ve just confirmed is that these engines don’t want to run right if you’re not pushing them.

Thanks all for their input!

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That’s generic 2-stroke behavior, even more so in the case of a racing engine.