IM-USA flooded

Haven’t checked the track site in a while, & only recently learned that the facility got flooded back during the big rains in Nov.

Damn. :frowning_face:

Not good. Hope it’s a quick recovery!

Oof. I feel their pain. That’s a lot of water.

Last I knew they were back in business as much as possible and making deliveries before Christmas. Not sure if the track was damaged. What a helpless feeling I’m sure.

Yeah they have been doing repairs to the store front and I haven’t seen any mention to actual track damage

Haven’t been up there since Summer, but the track probably got the least of it, being that it’s outside & the surrounding ground will eventually soak up the water, which it naturally does. But the business facility itself isn’t made for any of it. That’s where the damage has to be the worst.

Their Facebook does pretty good job of showing all the damage. The post updates when they work on stuff

Where is this place at?

Sumas, WA. Town is at the US-CDN border on SR-9.