In an ideal world... where would you live (karting)

I was noodling around and Barcelona, Spain seems to be a very good place to consider. 3 Sodi World Series facilities within easy reach and a number of outdoor tracks of varying levels of quality including CIK-FIA stuff.

Also, it’s Spain and Barcelona has mucho culture and probably amazing food.

What’s on your list?

Where I am living right :grin:

4 FIA Grade 1 tracks within 120 miles (Mariembourg, Genk, Kerpen, Mirecourt) and Ostricourt 210 miles away


Where are you exactly? How is Paris for karting?

French/Luxembourg border.

Paris is nice, you have quite a few good tracks around Paris (Angerville, ASK Sens, Kartland, RKC, 1h max from Paris) and you are not that far away from Le Mans and other good tracks.


@Richard_Jacques any news on your facility in Kazakhstan?

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Getting there just slowly. I’m working on securing an export credit deal, looks promising from meetings I’ve had, backed up by 6 year detailed financial projections.

Meantime I’ve been working out the regs for a schools championship, talking to Red Bull Kazakhstan about sponsorship for the series - and little other things.

Still working on it, hopefully we can open early next year.

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Touche. Je suis envieux.

UK, I lived there for the first 30 years of my life and raced karts for 10 of those years. For long circuit gearbox (shifter) karting I don’t think there is a better place.

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I wonder how our Asian colleagues fare, karting wise. You’d think China would have some pretty good facilities with all the wealth in the coastal cities.

I’m a little biased but central Indiana is about as good as it gets. About to have 3 world class facilities within 2 hours of me. Plus club levels with entries in the 200-300 entry range.


Florida panhandle is pretty sweet. About 6 great tracks within 4 hours, AMP in the ATL is only about 5.5 hours away. From sprint racing to road racing, we kinda have it all and kart counts are insane. Plus we can race year round, sorry Indiana , , , Plus we have Ron DeSantis so we are winning all the way around!


I like being in Kansas City. Granted our club tracks are super small but the club is great, filled with great people.

I can go anywhere in an 8 hr radius and go race 12 clubs maybe more. Ideally I’d keep it around 5 hours but that still gives me 8 tracks Plus with the K.A.R.T organization I can go road race fairly close with the exception of Mid Ohio. The new ozark road course is only about 2 hours from me which I’ll be at in October.

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In a little manufactured house on the grounds of GoPro in Mooresville NC?

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UK is pretty sick to be honest. Wide range or circuits, top level drivers… small geography. TON of tracks.

I do envy the street events in Italy etc… though.