Inferno clutch

When running a inferno clutch what springs do u usefor oval track racing versus a track like road course and etc

No idea on oval track but in Sprint Racing most people run 2 white and 2 black. I had a bit more luck with all black and 2 weights per shoe (seemed to grab a bit harder).

That being said, I much prefer a good Stinger (Yellow Springs) to the Inferno clutches.

I have no oval experience but I would imagine that unless you had a really short oval or tight turns it really wouldn’t matter as at oval speed your clutch would be engaged. I guess the only concern is coming up to speed on teh rolling start.

A related question on this clutch…Is it normal for the clutch to have vibration as the kart comes up to speed? Out of tighter turns I get a vibration that diminishes as the speed comes up.

If you are getting a shudder feom the cutch it has glazed and needs sanded and groves cleaned out.