Intrepid Paint Color

Does anyone have a paint code for a new Intrepid Kart frame? I would like to strip my sons kart this winter and repaint it. It has been a hard year on it and I would like to clean it up before passing it down to my youngest son in the spring when he starts driving.

I assume it’s powder not paint. You could email intrepid and ask them the brand and color of powder probably. Or just cross it with something from prismatic. They are big supplier and it’s possible that’s the brand intrepid uses at the factory… probably not but it’s possible. I usually just pick something close because a frame that needs powder is probably already far from perfect… and actually so far they end up pretty close.

If you do powder coat the frame, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, strip all the current finish around the welds and check for cracks. Fix accordingly. Second, a standard powder coat will look awful by the end of the season. You need to do a 2-step process that will apply a secondary clear over the powder coat base. It will cost more but the finish will last significantly longer

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I usually check the frame after it’s been blasted by the coater. That’s important that they blast the frame. If they ‘bake it off’ it will ruin the frame imo. Some places put it through the oven at 1700 degrees to burn off the old powder… that anneals the steel and removes all the previous hardening in the tubes. generally the tubes have been quenched and tempered and you will undo all of that. You will have a noodle frame. The previous poster talked about poor outcome without clear and I’m sure that has been his experience. However, that has not been my experience. Single coats shine, look good, and are very durable. A bunch of guys went in last year and most got a single color no clear, and they all still look pretty good . I got color over chrome powder, it looks badass. I think the pics are on here somewhere. But honestly I think the two coats are a touch less durable than the single coats. My experience has been they look as good 1 year later as they did on day one except for physical scratches and anywhere that gets exposed to brake cleaner. The brake cleaner tends to dull the shine. It can be brought back some with a spray wax but it’s never like new again after that. I will say though that the clear powder over color does give it a little deeper shine. I haven’t done this but I did see some parts done this way at the place I use … just my experience.