Is it a bad idea to convert a stationary stand to a rolling stand?

I have a basic streeter stationary stand, and I am really not wanting to pay $300 plus for another stand with wheels if I can add wheels to the stand in some fashion. Is that a bad idea? Am I risking dropping my kart and doing more damage than good? Is there a good way to add wheels to the stand? Any ideas are appreciated.

This is the wheel that is on the rear end of a bigfoot streeter kart stand. Does anybody know what adapter they use to attach this wheel to the square axle on the stand? If I can find that adapter i should be able to get it to work.

The Bigfoot stand has threaded axle stubs welded into the tubing I believe. Or a straight axle through the whole tube. And the front caster wheels are mounted to steel plate that are welded to the frame.

If you’re handy and can weld, this is an easy fab job. If you aren’t and can’t, I would try finding a used Bigfoot stand. They regularly pop up for half the price of a new one.