Is it ok to leave your LO206 engine is your cold garage?

We just got our engine and currently have it on our kart in the garage. The garage is not heated so when it is cold outside, it’s cold in the garage. Will it do any damage? Should I bring it in the house or am I ok leaving it outside?

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Cold will be fine. Mines been in an unheated warehouse in MN for two years. It probably gets down to -20f or lower.

That said, it’s still good practice to “winterize” it by draining fuel from the float chamber, you could also “fog” the engine if you wish.

Is cryo treating engine components legal in the L206 class? :grin:


Its not really the cold that is the problem but the warm-cold cycles can cause water to condense inside the motor and cause issues. A lawnmower/snow blower engine is probably fine but I would not leave a race motor out there.

I bring the motors in for the winter. They have a nice cozy shelf in the basement.

We got guys up here that don’t even unload the trailer after the last race. :smiley:

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I’ve had the same oil in my 206 for 2/3 years haha and usually end up leaving the fuel in the thing over winter… Not recommended of course.

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Thanks, We had someone put the kart/engine together for us and we just got it back. Was hoping it would be ok to leave in the cold garage till first of April. I’m hearing mixed info. :slight_smile: Some say its ok and some say not. Thanks!

Has it ever been run?

It’s fine. But indoors is probably a bit better if you want piece of mind. Think about how many of them sit in non heated warehouses and trailers.

Or how many inteks (The 206’s dad) sit on snowblowers.

Drain fuel. Before you run it, Expect to clean the carb and change the oil. Which either way you’re probably going to want to do.

Curious to see why people say it’s not OK and what kinds of issue they are seeing.

Thanks. No fuel has been put into it. just oil

I can’t see any that would be cold related. Of course where I live it rarely gets to freezing. I’d be more concerned about humidity and heat for a karts storage. Rear axle rust is a constant.

Having bought used karts it seems water in the chassis bearings, moisture in the brake system and ethanol fuel are more of a problem. Keep those 3 in check and everything else is pretty routine. Of course a water cooled engine is another issue if freezing. If run in the rain the oil can get water in it on a 206. Usually I check it and change it after running in the rain.