Is the kart biz in Italy back up & running yet?

I’m in need of some Parolin/Energy parts that the US side distributor doesn’t have, & I’ve sent a couple email questions directly to Parolin, but no reply back so far.

I’ve ordered and received several parts orders from Mondo Kart over the past two-three months without issue. Just placed an order again last night.

I’ve seen CRG post that they are in action again. The cynic in me says the delayed response may not be a COVID thing.

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It’s curious that they wouldn’t want to my money, if so.

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AMV is open and they told me that basically all the suppliers are operational. No racing yet but tracks are opening soon or possibly just opened.

I am sure you know this, and I don’t know about Parolin’s vertical integration, but many of the kart manufacturers don’t make their own components.

It is not that Parolin doesn’t want your money, they don’t want to deal with the hassle for a small order. Customs paper work, etc…

Well, the Parolin store website doesn’t indicate bulk orders only, & I don’t know where else to get compatible bearing cassettes.

Try Vemme kart. According to the homologation filings, Vemme is made by Parolin.

Here is their dealer locator page

I didn’t note compatible cassetted/flanges perusing the Mondokart site. I’ll have to call Vemme Kart Canada & ask, since I couldn’t find a shop site.

Thanks for all the replies thus far.

ETA that I posted a day soon. Got an email from Parolin CS last night.

I run an atomica and I’m 99% that it’s a parolin but it’s Canadian. And he hasn’t been in to the shop in weeks