Kart Chains 101 (#35 and 219)

A little bit of chain information pretty much just to start setting up tech talks about different karting subjects. This one focuses on the chains and give some entry information that some of you might find useful.

This isn’t a 100% video but I got sick of not putting out content. I need to get better at editing, need a better computer that can keep up and I did this in 1 take… but I stand by it for the most part… I can clear up anything that isn’t explained well enough in reference to chains

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Soooooo where’s the video? :rofl::rofl:

Tell you what I’d like to know re chains - serviceable wear limits. As an airplane mech I spent my life comparing parts against specific serviceable limits data. My CRG mechanic often tells me my chain is shot by looking at lateral curvature when held on its side - but how much is too much?

Well, there you go…

I’m not sure why lateral curvature would be an indicator of wear. Kart chains don’t have to do anything but go straight (whereas bicycle chains have to walk up and down cogs and operate at angles). However, all chains stretch as they are used and that is what wears cogs and gears.

I get why, it shows how much the bushings are wearing. We have a lot of sand here obviously and sandy dust in the air which accelerates bushing wear, eventually too much wear will cause a chain break. I had one let go on my energy kart at fairly high rpm, man it wrecked all around it