Kart Chaser | USPKS Round 3 - Road America VIDEO

Dropped Saturday’s recap last night, and will be dropping the Sunday recap next Monday!

Awesome video Xander. Disappointed that my results were so bad I wasn’t worth featuring after my exceptionally media savvy interview. :joy:

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I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your video series, thank you and keep them coming!!!

Side note, good to see the shout out for Braden Eves…I share a garage with his dad and it’s def rough going for him right now.

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Oh it’s going in on the Sunday recap. You won’t get off that easy!!


Definitely. Braden’s one of my closest friends and my heart sank as soon as I saw the wreck.

He sent our group message a pretty funny photo the night of the crash all juiced up on pain meds and in the brace. Love my bro and his positive attitude.

Can’t wait to see him kick ass in 2021.

I really like these. It would be fun to do something like this for my rental races. Give it some gravitas!

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