Kart Frame ID

I purchased this kart online and am trying to fix it up. I am curious if anyone knows the make and model of this frame.

Here are some pictures of before and current state:

Not sure how much response you’ll get here, as this forum is mostly for racing karts like this:

The frame re-finish looks nice though. Good color.

Ah, thanks for the info.

Now I’m thinking about ICA’s and drooling uncontrollably.

Is that a fishing chair mounted in the first picture? Someone got creative! To be honest, the only way you are going to identify a yard kart like this is by some kind of name plate/placard on the chassis. You might try googling a yard-kart forum. Still, not a bad start to the resto. I recently brought a rough looking kid kart back to it’s former glory. Good Luck and God Spend…I mean Speed. :laughing: