Kart seat for a tall person (legs and body)

I’m looking to replace my seat in the near future on my Kosmic 2016 non shifter kart…

I have had some spinal issues in the past (not from karting) and some aches and pains from karting… im looking to replace my seat with something that has a higher back and isn’t going to bruise my ribs or make my Spinal problems worse. The cedar have on there now is a standard Tillet brand…
Are those new NKG seats all they claim to be ?
Are there options for high backed seats for tall drivers? And realize I’m still a rookie and not planning on racing so extra weight in a seat It’s not anything I’m worried about… much more important to have higher back support then worry about extra weight !

Look into Beasley seats. They are taller backed and are marketed towards taller drivers.

Ive seen a lot of tall drivers use what i would consider a low profile seat but me being tall and skinny ive always ran tillet t7 seats basically. Love them.