Kart seats- rib pain

just got back into karting from 25 years ago and never had rib pain in the past but i have a imaf standard seat with side padding and a bengio carbon rib protector. The rib protector has helped some but still have some pain in ribs. i dont really want a ribtech seat. What about a jecko seat or a more flexible seat?

How snug are you in the seat? Is it a squeeze or you’re just snugly supported ?

jecko seats with a good bengio rib protector is a very good match and free of pain for me , but i am a hobby weekend racetrack warrior not a national driver

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to me its more snug than a squeeze

Where’s it too tight? If it’s high you could use a taller seat. I think tillet has a line that goes up higher but isn’t wraparound like the deepseat/ribtect

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I had to switch to a deep seat and it’s been great as far as the ribs go. Handling has been good also, but we’re talking a KZ. It seems more flexible than the ribtects I’ve handled.

So you have a standard imaf seat. Have you try the imaf h7 or h8, they come with a different softness. Ask your dealer.

The Bengio should address most of your rib pain, so if you are still struggling I wonder why. Is the vest or seat hitting in a sensitive spot? Do you have a previous rib injury? Is the Begio the correct size?

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The Bengio is good, however I broke ribs with one. I also separated ribs with a Stilo carbon curva. Both of which are good rib vests, and both happened in a Tillett seat. Now with the deep seat and Tillett p1 I am not having issues, minor soreness in the ribs but no hurting.

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