Kart stand advice

My son and I have been racing Briggs for the last several years (Sr/Heavy for me, Cadet for him). When we got a larger trailer last season one of the things I did was pick up a second KartLift Pro manual stand for his kart. Makes loading and unloading alone much easier, I didn’t have to get someone to help me get the kart off the stand so I could strap it down on the trailer floor. The one problem I had was that because of the length of the cadet it was very tail heavy and easy to flip over backwards.

Next season my son is moving to Briggs Jr so his kart will fit much better. My problem is that after several practice days my 7 year old twin girls both want to start racing next year and I’ll be adding a second cadet to the fleet in addition to his full sized kart.

The point of this long winded post (finally!) is to ask if anyone has used the electric kart lifts with a cadet kart? If so how stable was it? Solid enough the kids can push their own karts back to the trailer? Sturdy enough to transport the karts in the trailer?

Running three karts next year (I won’t be driving for a while) is going to be hectic, anything I can do to make loading and unloading at home and the track is something I want to look into. TIA!

edit-I considered a stacker stand for the cadet karts, but one of the improvements I want to make to the trailer this winter is to add a sleeping “shelf” above the karts. We usually spend either the night before or the night after races at the track and we camp out in the trailer. If I use a stacker I won’t have room to do that above the karts.

I use a KartLift stand with our cadet karts. Never had an issue.

Assuming you’re talking about the electric KartLift, it doesn’t teeter back like the manual one does, so it’s much more stable in that regard.

Transporting on the stand is probably fine but you should stick a 2x4 or something under the front support of the stand so the winch strap/cable doesn’t get stretched out over bumps while driving.

Good to know, glad it’s more stable and good info about the extra support while transporting. Thanks to both of you!