Kart Workstand for Garage

Im a one man show when it comes to moving karts around the house as the wife is too small to help lift.

I have an electric kart and thinking how I could design and build a workstand that I can use my electric stand to take the kart on and off .

Would need to be able to remove wheels at times so it would need to be supported by the frame.

Has anyone built anything similar?

I’ve been thinking of something similar, but I also wat to vertically stack 2 karts for space efficiency (The stacker stands are a 2-person show to load/unload the top kart).

My idea was to have something that the kart could be rolled onto, with the section that the wheels ride on being able to fold down so the chassis would rest on the frame. Haven’t thought it through, though. Just rough idea.

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I’m acquiring a electric stand to take some dimensions off of and build what you are wanting. My wife also has a hard time with my kart. So I plan to build something that makes it easier for me to get on/off stand without her help


One idea I’ve had is to put a winch on the ceiling. Hook it to the front of the kart, lift up the nose, hold the rear bumper up off the stand and either set the kart vertical or on the ground. (Assuming your kart isn’t loaded with lead. Mine is pretty light so it’s easy to pick the back up one handed)

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Just looked this up: Strongway Electric Cable Hoist

Also @ Amazon

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I think that would work pretty well. Fabricate a lifting bar that hooks onto the frame rails n bob’s yer uncle

It has sufficient capacity. Regarding the rigging, how/where would the straps be setup to lift the kart? Looking at my shifters, it doesn’t seem as straightforward as 1 would assume, especially considering the need for balance.

My thought was to remove the plastic front bumper (I do that anyway for transport), and then make a triangle piece that will hook to either side of the front crash bar. That way it pulls straight up and can’t slide around. Or something similar to a balance bar that you see on engine hoists.

Yeah, the front-rear setup isn’t my dilemma. Rather, it’s the L/R balance. Looking at my chassis, the pipe, radiator, & engine really get in the way of hooking up to the frame.

Any ideas?

When my wife cant help… I do this

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expensive chandelier… Theres just something so comically genius about that and I love it. can you reach the hand crank? seems pretty high

Yes I can… but i should have bought the electric one instead :slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking of to balance on a lift. Could also use the rear Axle between the bearings and the wheels as your attachment point. I would stick with the upper front bar instead, because the front stubs may be a little squirrelly if the steering moves around. Other option might be like a Forklift set up. Not an actual Forklift, like in a warehouse, but works similarly. They are basically a base, a vertical track and a platform/forks. The vertical track has a pulley system to raise the platform/forks to the desired height. I have seen both manual crank and electric wench use for lifting extremely large lead batteries like the kind used in TeleComm centers.
Looks like this:

I’m sure a simple winch would do, but you could also use some catch blocks and pulleys to do it by hand. I have a complicated system in my basement that lifts a 26 ft sculling single (only 32 lb) up by pulling one rope

@Silverline that looks good, though your kart has more available frame real estate to attach straps than my shifter chassis. I will just have to buy some straps & experiment.

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I have been thinking about this! But I wanted to do a platform that I could store 2 karts on the platform, and have 1 on the stand. Just unsure if it would balance ok if 2 karts are not on the platform? This is on my schedule to work on this winter!

Thanks for sharing!

My plan is to hang an electric winch on a trolly track that runs the width of the garage, & then stack my 2 karts on a double stacker stand.