Karting Goals?

(Dom Callan) #1

We are a pretty varied bunch here representing all sorts of experience, age etc.

I’m generally curious about other people’s karting goals. What are you working towards? And how do you plan on trying to get there?

I ask because I am serious about getting good but I haven’t figured out what I can shoot for, long term that isn’t as vague as “beat Mr. X”.

Obviously for those just starting, their goals are different, but just as interesting if not more.

(TJ Koyen) #2

My goal is to have fun.

For me, fun is knowing I’m in the hunt for wins or podiums at high-level events week in and week out. Other people have different definitions of fun, but for me, the competition and drive to keeping improving myself as a driver is what I chase.

(Tony Zambos) #3

Dido on TJ’s comment. For us it always been about the competition, having fun and the camaraderie.

(Rick Brown ) #4

My #1 goal is to have fun! I am 38 years old and love karting! I only race at the club level because that’s what I can afford to do and I’m ok with that! I would like to win another championship but first and foremost I want to hang out with my “karting family” I love the people that I race with. When the helmets are on we’re trying to kick each other’s asses but when they come off we do whatever it takes to help each other out. I also want to keep helping newbies find their love of karting. I try to make it a point to help people at the track and race clean! I want to be the guy at the track that people know is quick but mostly I want to be the guy that everyone respects for doing it the right way! Good luck to all in 2019!

(Andy Kutscher) #5

I’d love to say that #1 is to have fun…but in order to have fun I have to be competitive first.

My primary goal last year was to get my nephew into racing. Since my wife and I chose not to have children we made the decision to give our nephew every opportunity that I wish I had as a child. We accomplished that without issue in our first year of racing last year.

My brother and I have extensive driving backgrounds but have never been able to afford wheel to wheel racing, Karting filled the void of not being able to race wheel to wheel otherwise which was a great thrill, but our first year was on 12+ year old chassis without the highest level of prep otherwise and while we learned a ton, learned how to tune karts and engines and everything else, we still ran around at the back of the pack without anyone to race with but ourselves. My wife would ask me if I had fun every week and the answer was always yes, but the follow up question was "Then why do you look so angry every time you get out of the kart? " The answer was simple, I was having a blast driving, I was not having a blast running around at the back of the pack.

End of year evaluation was pretty honest. We developed a ton during the year, we learned some race craft (mainly being on the receiving end of passing). but I felt like my weight was holding me back and the need for new(er) used equipment would get us to a competitive status at the club level.

So I showed up for the first weekend of 2019 having met my off-season goals. I lost 35 lbs, I got newer equipment, I got competitive motors and you know what, I was competitive right out of the box and had a blast on the first weekend. It was all the things that were missing last year. I stand by my statement that I don’t need to win races, I’ll lose them making dumb mistakes (which I did last weekend) but if I have competitive times and can fight in the front of the pack each and every week I will let whatever happens happen and be happy with the result.

So now I can genuinely say I’m having fun which I couldn’t say with commitment last year. I know the season will have hardship and likely have bad days,but I bet I walk away from them smiling this year.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #6
  1. Have fun at the track
  2. Be able to get the most out of myself and my equipment
  3. I’d like to compete at national races, and be competitive
  4. Race with solid teams that are well supported.
  5. Have competitive equipment

(Alan Dove) #7

I had a couple of goals. One was to get more people to get into 100cc karting and experience what I felt was the finest experience you can get in a kart. I wanted to help break the Rotax monopoly in the UK. I also wanted to promote the British Karting Championship as a goal everyone should strive towards. Bring it back to its past meaningful glory.

I think goal one was achieved pretty well :slight_smile: Second was so-so, though my negative feelings towards the MAX have waned over time. Third was a complete failure :slight_smile:

(Dom Callan) #8

Alan, is the 100cc college series, BUKC your baby? That seems like a terrific thing. Wish we had had university racing.

(Dom Callan) #9

Thanks for your thoughts/stories. It is interesting to see what it’s about for various peoples. The common thread, is of course, fun.

Still not sure where this racing road will take me, but even if this is as good as it gets, I think we’re onto something worthwhile.

(Michael Zahorski) #10

I was just talking about goal setting with another father/daughter racer. I told them that with my daughter we have a long term goal (5 year), which is to still be racing and having fun, while hopefully being competitive. We have a one year goal about what we want to accomplish in the current year, which this year changed for us because we decided we needed to move up from Cadets to Juniors due to weight. The goal for this year is to get used to and comfortable with the larger and more powerful kart and be ready to compete next year with others that move up. And finally we will have a night/race goal, which changes each night depending on where and who we are racing against, but usually centers around getting faster and having fun. Each smaller goal helps lead to the success of the bigger goal.

And truthfully, the overall goal is to have fun while getting better.

(stamatis stampelos) #11

First year now with a racing kart after one year spending at rentals 400cc karts.

Just trying to learn the sport and set up the kart back home with my own hands a friend a six pack of beers.

I want to see me get on the race pace one day.
But I’m happy just going for practice sessions on Sundays with the family In various race tracks.

(Alan Dove) #12

Nope :slight_smile: The BUKC has now migrated to Rotax engines, and strictly speaking ‘100cc’ means more than engine capacity in the context I was referring to which is the CIK classes - Formula A / ICA / Formula Super A prior to the introduction of KF etc… :slight_smile: It can be confusing I know

(Dom Callan) #13

Thanks for the clarification. I assumed those were 100cc engines.