Karting in Michigan?

Looks like there’s a 99% chance I’m going to one of the two Michigan universities, so I was wondering what karting there is nearby?
There also seems like there will be a good chance of me being one of the drivers for FSAE sophomore year so that’s pretty cool


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MRP (might be a bit of a hike depending where you end up) - https://michianaracewaypark.com/

Those are the two major ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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So unless you’re going to Michigan Tech or someplace else in the UP you should go to the one with a kart track nearby…. Learn to love green!

There is a track in Marquette MI if you do wind up at Northern Michigan or Michigan Tech or someplace in the UP tho. :grin::cold_face:

If you go to MSU you are three miles away from East Lansing Kart Track. There’s an apartment complex on either side of the track, so after freshman year you might not even need a trailer, just a kart stand and a big backpack for tools!

Apparently as an FSAE member I get free track days. I can’t wait to find out how an FSAE car drives compared to a kart.

I’ll have to check it out. I don’t know if they have any league races or such

Definitely will be different since the FSAE car is fully suspended. Now you get to work with spring and shock rates plus swaybars! There’s gotta be an app for that (or there should be!)

And 300lbs of downforce at 45mph. It only weighs 500lbs

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Do you think you’ll be at U of M or MSU? Either is good and U of M isn’t that far from East Lansing. I used to drive from Ann Arbor to Lansing frequently when I worked in Ann Arbor. It’s not a bad drive.

and like most other FSAE cars runs so infrequently that they need a kart to do their driver training in…

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