KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

Facebook got nuked, presumably by anonymous.

So how about hose oculus rifts needing Facebook login to play VR? Great idea guys. :+1:

Lap Factory

Cooked up back to back 48.486. I occasionally run same laps like this but it’s always cool when it happens. So close to my goal, now.

Hold on a sec, this is going better than I thought

This is kind of a surprising lap. The very beginning is not good. But then it all changes as I somehow set a new S2 record. I then follow that up with a very good S3. It is not normal to see a 16.6 S1 on a 48.3 lap. That would be more of a 48.7 range, normally. The S2 was exceptionally fast.

Shortly after this lap, I landed a sub 13 S3 at 12.997. So, between this and the S2 in the leaderboard lap, I went purple in two sectors. I was significantly faster, again, tonight, overall. A .2 or .1 is imminent, I would imagine.

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So you like 1080p? Got too much money lying around?

Amd released a “new” card today. It’s a scaled down version of their midrange card with less memory and compute units. It’s meant to compete with the 3060 which smokes it, broadly speaking.

Still, at 329 would definitely be fine for non Ray tracing games.
I am not clear yet on wether this would be a major step up from my aging 1070.

The reviews are not kind, however. It’s not a bad card, there just isn’t anything compelling about it. It’s not cheap, exactly, and basically repackages older parts.

However, given the lack of availability of, well, anything, this might be a viable option for those mid-build. It will run 1080p full detail.

Running the Optimal

I am quite pleased with this lap as it represents something I struggle to do: get 3/3 sectors right.

None of the sectors, individually, are purple. But, they are in the ideal zone for that sector (for me).

S1 was .3x, S2 was .71 and S3 was .09. 3 legit fast sectors.

I am not sure if I keep going here. I am capable of a 47.9 and number 1. My goal was to land a .1x and here we are. Maybe it’s time to go play around on the new Genk circuit!

Old quote from James I came across… at the time I did not see the wisdom in it but now I do. :eyes:

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With a spelling mistake which I now cannot unsee :smiley:

We are all psychical on this blessed day.

So I think I am gonna try for #1 but over a specific time frame. I have until Thursday the 21st to land a 47.9 - 48.0. We fly out Friday.

Last night was confirmation that I can do this. I ran more .2-.4 laps than ever before and was consistently fast. I opened up s1, basically and can repeatedly get the 3-4 complex fast. I also went purple again in S3, sub 13.0.

It’s hard to step away when you are progressing. So, I won’t.

Is KK better than KRP? I heard that it is, but it’s very limited (like the tracks and mods [might be wrong]), compared to KRP. But I’m planning to get KRP soon, but not sure if I should get KK instead. My pc is kind of bad so…

So KRP is a completed game where KK is an early access title.

The difference is that KRP has fully fleshed out tracks, modding, multiplayer? Etc.

From what I have been told by a friend who modded KRP extensively, it’s a good game with appropriate tunes.

I tried KRP and it did not feel like KK from a handling perspective. KK feels really good to me but KRP felt wooden (untuned).

So, KK is probably the better sim but KRP is a completed product.

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Out of curiousity @Alan_Dove werent you involved in the creation of KRP? How do you feel it compares to KK?

Speaking of realistic sims: CXC Special projects division

The radical looks, well, Rad!

Nope :slight_smile:

I knew Zach from way back in 2006 though with Kartsim that eventually turned into KartKraft.

A quote from Nik that I now understand:

I have been playing a lot with the idea of being aware of the stresses being put on the tires and chassis and am driving differently now. I am deliberately paying attention to rubber, particularly the loaded tire.

Gentle is always king. There is a lot of subtlety to a turn and the grip matters in how you put down power. Gentle also makes the race easy. In the absence of self-induced tension, karting is much less physical.

I know it sounds wierd but sim is the perfect place to play with this. You can drive into walls while trying to hold the angle “just so”. No harm done. Reset to track.

The challenge is beating the desire to chase laptimes out of you. I have yet to figure out how to let the laptimes come, however.

@Alan_Dove In some sports, yes. In running the last mile was about the vomit comet. Push yourself till you feel like your heart will explode and then vomit from effort once crossed the finish line. It was mental, mostly, given a baseline of being able to run a mile in X minutes.But in karting it’s not physical pain that we have to overcome. At least, once kart fit, which takes folks a bit.

The “pain” is mental. It’s insecurity about our abilities and the like. It’s about trying to believe that you got this, over and over again. Failing that, it’s about pounding repetition into your brain/body to compensate for an inability to “let go” and drive naturally/effortlessly. I am capable of much more than I allow myself to be. I suspect that is the case with most of us.

if u get the setting right on krp its better than kk imo i fell like the handeling and braking in kk just doesn’t feel like the real thing altho i have not messed aroud with the kk setup

That’s interesting. I downloaded it and tried once but did t like. Do you have tunes? If so I’ll try one and report back.

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not really i just slap on a hard axle and change the caster and camber a bit
Aldo once i get home i can get one of my friends who is really into setups to send u one

do you do any setup changes for kk?

but also the karts already included in the game aren’t the best the mods make the game drive look and feel much better.

Thanks Oliver, I’d like that.

Yea, tons of tuning is done by me in KK. Fortunately it’s easy. You make really big changes till you find something that you like, proceeding like you would with a regular kart.

But, the changes are whacky compared to IRL. For example my seat is all the way back all the way down, but, in some builds it’s been as high as possible (jacking purposes). Extremes rule the day in KK tuning.

That being said the tunes don’t make you faster per-se. They change the handling of the kart to be consistent with how you like to drive.

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