KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

thats gonna be interesting can’t wait to see if they add rain

Answer. Yes. Soon (ish).

relly nice is there a official release date

No but… they announced pricing plans… which suggests they are thinking about going “gold” in the not too distant future. If I had to guess, it’s gotta be within 24 months.

I’m deliberately making it a longer term thing based upon their previous staffing levels. But, with acquisition, they are able to hire more folks and thus work faster.

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Driving with one hand:

Had an interesting experience where I played with driving one-handed until I could land laps at pace.

This is an interesting thing to experience. If you think about it, you initiate the turn from a particular side. So, for a hard right, you are probably going to begin the turn by pulling down with right arm while pushing up and in with left arm. Vice-versa for a left turn.

If you force yourself to drive all of the turns with a particular arm, you are training that non-dominant side how to put the minimal inputs in to complete the turn. It’s awkward, generally, because it feels illogical to try to turn with the non-dominant arm. But, after a bunch of laps, it’s very doable.

In a way, it gives you a different perspective of how to get through a turn. While it’s the same line, with the non-dominant arm you cannot muscle the kart, you don’t have the leverage. You have to be careful with the inputs and also use rotation carefully to orient the vehicle. It just gives a different perspective on the turns and seemed to open up new understanding.

What’s odd is the day after trying to learn to drive one-handed well, I had a real life situation where it came in handy (pun intended).

My kart for the final race had no gas cap. I realized this in the first lap and almost came in. I decided to persevere and see what happened if I tried to cover the hole while turning.

Results were pretty good, all things considered. It’s a lot harder driving a real kart with one arm than sim, but doable. I got 2nd!

I’ve got a dumb KK question for the learned. I got KK many months ago, but for whatever reason it made me sick driving it on my triple monitor setup. I decided to update it and try again in VR, but I can’t seem to get KK to start in VR mode (Windows Mixed Reality with a Samsung VR hat). When KK is starting, get a warning dialog saying something like “KK has native VR, but you’re running in PC mode.” The options are Continue of Cancel. Choosing continue runs KK on the monitors; cancel just exits the game. I can’t figure out how to ‘switch modes’ so KK will launch in VR. I should also state that I’m have an Accuforce wheel, so I’m starting KK from the SimXperienice software. Any tips would be appreciated. I’ve googled this extensively, and searched the KK discord, but can’t find any answers.

Ok so you should get a screen that looks like this:

If you start it on the top radio button it loads normal screen version. Choose the steam vr mode option.

It gives you that message about native vr if you are explicitly choosing NOT to launch vr.

Sim experience may have the desktop shortcut path memorized.

Start from steam

I’m not getting that dialog. Maybe because my wheel software is loading the KK exe file directly? That dialog looks like a Steam dialog? I’ll try launching it without the wheel, and see if I get that dialog and hope it remembers my last selection when I start it with the wheel. Thanks!

So it seems like a lot of folks have historically had this issue. It is launching the exe as default. You can edit launch oarameters but I’d contact simvibe for guidance on that.

What I would do first is launch the game first using steam as I showed. Then start up your simvibe. See if that works.

Thanks; I was finally able to figure out how to get SimXperience to run KK in ‘Steam’ mode, so I could select the VR option, but the wheel settings need a bunch of tuning. However that will have to wait because, for whatever reason, KK is just a vomit comet for me on screens or in VR… can’t do more than a lap without feeling the need, the need to heave. Maybe the motion platform will help, but I haven’t got that working yet.

New PB: I’ll take it for now

This did not move me on boards, just moved me to within 2/1000 of US1.

I have been driving better and better and my optimal is now 48.1x, so this .4 is just a placeholder until I can make some magic happen and ascend the ladder.

I should be able to land: 16.3x S1, 18.7x S2, and 13.0x S3.
I should, if very fortunate, be able to land a 48.0. Gillian currently holds global 1 at 48.0. 2-4 are all stacked within 48.1. If I can pull off a .3, I get global 5, US 1.

I am loving the sensations of the game relative to iRacing. They are both excellent but KK really has lovely tire and wheel sensations. I think iracing may limit some slip data.

Vr isn’t for everyone alas. @tankyx swears by triples. I suppose it is something you could acclimate to, but it would take time and effort, which might not be worth it given that you have triples already!

Should you choose to, I bet the Samsung odyssey is sellable for what you bought it for.

My upgrade plans are: (eventually 3060 or 3070), Id like a G2 headset, and, I’d like one of those budget DD.


Went down the the AeroDyn facility in NC to have some testing done. I think we found the problem with my 4-stroke:


The good news is that Stevan McAleer is going to have a look at it and get it to his baseline. He is a team owner who frequents OVRP that was recommended by Dittrich.

Back to business

Managed to get back up top of the US board and top 5 global. I have a .1x in me, just a matter of letting it out.

A lot changed in the transition from KK to iRacing and back. Somewhere in all this driving, I started to understand the limits better and what is actually meant by it. I am looking for much greater efficiency by being much less on/off and putting down the right amount of throttle to get the most out of the turn.

I have been playing around, trying to access this greater sensitivity by reduction. I’m trying to take away the extraneous, emotive driving and replace it with controlled, thoughtful management. It is working. I am finding much greater efficiency within the turn.

I sent Warren an email describing what I have been up to. Rather than rewrite it, here are my thoughts:

I get hints of an ideal line/trajectory. It’s more than the perfect line, it’s the perfect line at the right speed with the right inputs at the right time and place.

It occurs typically when you aren’t trying to be fast. It’s on an outlap or maybe after you have spun and are getting back up to pace.

In any case, in these moments sometimes I get it perfectly and it feels absolutely 100% ideal. Perfect grip and balance, absolutely no push. I am going exactly as fast as required in exactly the right place, doing the right things at exactly the right moment and intensity.

The funny thing is it feels like it’s slow but I don’t think so. It feels easy and almost magical, automatic. That’s why it feels slow. There is no push that wants to move your kart off of the flowing line. There’s no resistance to what you ask. It just does it for you, and you are just making suggestions, listening to the kart through the steering column, feeling it.

I think maybe what this is telling me is that I am still too full of push. I can go as fast as anyone else on boards currently, my optimal is now the same as global top 3. But it’s work and I am trying hard and pushing hard to be fast. We know how I normally drove gets me towards the topmost pace. But this repeated experience of feeling more from less has me wondering. Is the ideal line and trajectory found within the tire, below the outer limits of its capacities?

There’s a secondary thing though. You know how I used to look for throttle, always? Thinking that throttle needed to be on full as soon as possible and there’s no gap between throttle and brake?

Well it is much more subtle than that. What I keep getting confirmation of is that in the ideal line and trajectory, the correct pedal inputs fall into place and they are not always big inputs. Effectively the idea of accelerate/brake becomes less prevalent and the inputs blend into the energy cycle invisibly. It’s as if you are no longer braking or accelerating but managing trajectory and speed with the goal of maintaining this ideal speed/traction. Everything stops being discrete and gets absorbed into a wholeness that is hard to describe. You are driving the turn, not the kart. If done correctly, the kart is “invisible”… the man/machine connection is perfect and thought is action. There ceases to be the intermediary of the machine, reminding you it’s there.

In any case the subtext lies in that yes it’s true that we always want the kart loaded, we never want the kart to be slack. But, there is a tremendous amount of subtlety in how that is expressed and it is not as binary as I thought. It is not on/off. I have found that subtle braking and subtle throttle, building slowly can generate more exit speed than 100% ASAP. Sometimes you need to let the chassis load progressively, (more often than you think).

In any case it is very odd to experience when it all comes together and everything becomes “one”. It’s magical and still elusive. It’s the power line, but better understood. I think I can see the how of it.

I don’t know if I can consciously drive this way. It’s Stig stuff. But I do it accidentally all the time. And, all of my progress comes from reduction rather than addition. As I peel away at time I am removing extraneous energy expenditures from the lap, never adding.

There is something here and it might be what separates me from a Tanguy. This ability to drive the kart within the kart and not exceed it. To recognize the limits and understand them intimately, to be able to drive within them, but to never exceed and be wasteful.

Past 4 days have been interesting. As always my lapping follows the same pattern and I am in that free period where the laptime dispersion has dramatically tightened to the optimal and I am likely to land it soon. Cool thing, tho… the optimal keeps dropping despite my not landing the fast lap. It’s like I am delaying a .3 to land a .1 instead, somehow. I just keep getting better and better. :grinning:

Sort of a rant, sorry. Trying to express something. Not sure if all this is unique to sim, the ideal state. I don’t think so. I do think that sim allows you to experience/see it more readily. You can drive the kart harder in sim and the tire/weather/rubber etc is a constant. When the kart is up on its toes, in the ideal state, in sim you FEEL it instantly and strongly. It is a shift in physical state, almost. The kart is utterly awake and balanced.

Everything comes back to the basics. They are all true and important. How they come together is another story. I think it’s hard for us to be ideal racers. It is in our nature to always want and try for more, to strive and push. But this ambition is what must be contained, controlled, and told to fuck off. Trying to be fast is slow. I am starting to see that. I am struggling a bit with understanding how to back oneself off, to reprogram, and access what I know is there, as evidenced by the Stig.

This is sorta my life. Got my optimal down to 48.0, on pace with global 1. Now to land something… Meme: Lyd

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Heh, this is my experience learning a new car in iracing. I’ve reached the point where I can hit 1.75ish % off the WR in the Miata at most tracks.
I’m dabbling in GT4 now and am at 3% at VIR, but I had a lap last night where is was .7 up into the final sequence of turns and then threw it away to PB by 0.1. This is race trim though and I was going for consistency over hotlaps so I know I have free quali pace for the taking.

I find what happens with me is my laps keep getting tighter to the optimal and eventually I land something. It takes time and repetition for me to get the last bit, if ever.

Iracing doesn’t have the same vibe for me in that we would switch tracks weekly. I would manage to get in a pace that was good enough for racing top split but never quite top pace. It takes me time to get there, more than a week!

I’m not good enough to try for top times in iracing yet, so I just try to get to a point where I can drive the track on cold tires and understand what the car wants from me before I race.

Yeah. I am guessing that those big IR racers, it ain’t their first rodeo. I assume they have done these tracks many times and have them all dialed.

I did a couple seasons of USF 2000 and I found that the second time by, the track learning period was obviously faster.

What’s cool about iRacing is how you tend to find your peers skill-wise due to the splits system. Makes it more intersting.