KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

I don’t have a rig so it wasn’t me :slight_smile:

What app is this?

zeroX - iRacing Companion. I think it was $1.99 but I like it better than iSchedule

I don’t know if I’m figuring out the CSL DD, or I’m finally meshing with the load cell, or if I just had one of those moments where improvement clicks on, but two weeks in a row I’m suddenly under a second off of the top Miata’s in the PCC series. I haven’t been able to get much seat time in either.


Dd really is better imho. It’s so much more precise feeling and that seems to make one more consistent.



Not a good look. I saw the KartKraft team put out a little blurb reassuring fans the other day.

Seems like Motorsport Games exists to buy up all the good licensing agreements, pad their executives’ pockets, and then actually creating a product is pretty low priority.

Yup. A game of musical chairs that will end badly.

Motion to start Kartpulse group buys\VC?


Karting venture capital firm announces insolvency: spent all their money on tires.

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This blogger has made a setup that, when filmed, looks very realistic. He also did a video about setting this up. It uses three 65" monitors so it requires a great deal of power and produces a lot of heat. Enjoy:

I took a couple months off of sim. It seems to me that my driving suffers a bit when I don’t sim regularly. It’s not like I lose skill but I have to spend time re-acclimating to sim driving, which takes a bit.

Here’s a lap at PFI classic as I find my sea legs. I was pleasantly surprised to land a decent final sector, which is my bete noir.

Kartkraft is really an excellent sim. It is a pity that it’s not being developed to its potential. It’s that good, really.

I find that KartKraft takes me at least 30 laps to even get acclimated, let alone set anything decent. I play with a controller though, so it’s tough. I just wish it was more popular that way online could be good.

What they really need to do is wipe the leaderboards again though. They’ve had multiple changes to the physics and havent wiped the boards. I think they also need to adjust so you can’t hit a wall and have the lap still count. The leaderboards for the hanger track were pretty disappointing in that sense haha

Yeah a board wipe would be helpful. I am sort of torn on the hangar records that involve wall-riding. If it works…

It just takes away from it being a sim is all. Leaderboards are fine, but it gets kinda boring after a while. I’d love for the online to work/be popular that way we can see how people fare when they cant just restart over and over :slight_smile:

But, given that this is a throwdown thread, I’m happy to do some KK race with you sometime.

I’ve been peeking at the MP sessions and they are empty :sweat_smile:. It seems that time trial is still the only game in town. Maybe this week we can do a session. Are you located USA?

Just got back into KK as well. Finding a lot of snap oversteer on exit, curious if anyones having the same issue?

Nope. I feel extremely glued down. Try 0,0 on seated position.

Grinding, Again

I have been back at it, of late. I am chasing down 42,X and a global top 10 or so, which, I think I can do. I am once again finding myself drawn to the rig, which is a nice feeling. It seems fun again, though in smaller doses. I have also been streaming my sessions and trying to add color. Sometimes I get quiet so theres often music, too.