KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

I might have the longest time between wins in a category.

First oval win: 2008 Season 4C (back when iRacing started rookies ran 4 week seasons so there was 3 a season) 1/10/2009

Second oval win: 2022 Season 4 9/4/2022

Both wins were in rookie legends.

I have a perfect 2022 Oval stat and now I can’t race any more oval lol

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New pedals (sort of)

Fanatec has re-visited the csl v2 pedals. Some differences in sensors and pedal feel.

Endorsed by Williams f1 team which is sort of cool but also sort of funny, given how rough it’s been for them.

I have joined iRacing!

Immediately got excluded…

What do you mean, excluded? What will you be racing?
I may reup to try the new electric Porsche.

I didnt know what i was doing so firstly i jumped the start then i had a black flag but didnt know what i was supposed to do (a stop go penalty) so i pounded round till i got excluded.

As of now im just trying to build my license (so Mazdas and Vees) but I’ll probably only do road stuff.

All of the iRacing cars are electric. :grin:

Lol. Good point. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sounds like my first oval race. Managed to get multiple penalties for no apparent reason. Pit limiter, crossing blend line, etc.

The Mission R is interesting. Stupid quick acceleration and it’s harder to slow down than a NASCAR cup car lol.

New toys!

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New generation G27 is here and it is direct drive cost you $1000+

G27 DD?

That’s an interesting development. You’d think that from a marketing standpoint they’d want to differentiate the product from the “budget” line.

Pedals, too. (Loadcell)

The DD base is 11nm.

They kind of did. The DD wheel is in the G series PRO line and G29 is only in the G series line.

The funny part is Thrustmaster has been talking about a DD base since last year and did a few tiny releases about it. Yesterday Logitech just dropped this bomb and completely crushed Thrustmaster.

Now that you mention it, the Logitech DD came from out of nowhere. Did not hear any rumors.

What amazes me is how many people have had them for months for reviewing and it still stayed quiet

This seems really nice.

Between the upcoming 40-series release, and the Ethereum merge I’m wondering when will be the best time to pull the trigger on a new (to me) GPU. Currently using a GTX 1070, and I’m really wanting to upgrade. I feel like I’ve waited this long, so I might as well wait and see what the benchmarks look like on the new cards vs. the 3080 or 3090. Never would have considered a 3090 before, but the prices are oh so tempting…

I’m pretty sure that a 3080 would be such a big jump forwards that you’d be good for years. My 3060ti powers vr pretty well. It looks like the prices have come down a lot.

3080 was my initial aspiration, but definitely seeing some good deals out there on 3080ti and 3090’s, so I might get suckered into one of those…

@tankyx if I am not mistaken, avoid the 3080ti? Iirc you said it was priced wrong and not significantly better than 3080?