KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

Mostly the defaults, with the exception of one or two turned off per the suggestion of the dev. I can check when I get home from work.

Thanks! Plz let me know.

Lets put it to a vote:

Per Warren’s suggestion, which is the ideal car to make me suffer in next?

The Lotus 79
Stats: 475 HP @ 10500 RPM

Lotus 49
Stats: 400 @ 9K

The old one is cuter. The lack of aero concerns me but I am willing to try.

@KartingIsLife did we lose the poll option?

Got it working… It appears that you need to crank the shakers up quite a bit as compared to simhub. I have simhub at like 30% and with the shakers themselves at a volume of like 3/10. With iRacing its 100% output and I had to crank the shakers up to like 5/10 or more.

edit: @speedcraft so messing about a bit in the USF2000, re back end being glued down… its a matter of patience, I think. I noticed that the back will rotate but you have to let it stew a bit once input is in, then the back get all rigid perpendicular to the chassis and starts to move. Its much more physical and slow than my beloved gokarts. Driving is awfully calm and slow in a car as compared to a kart. Further proof that best vehicle is tiny and light vehicle, if you are impatient and in a hurry to get places. Imagine if we all commuted in shifter karts.

Iracing also says to set your sound card at 100%

Thank you! I took a stab at it and also muted the Game audio. Ill try what you have here.

@speedcraft OK the Lotus 79 feels like a car. I like it a lot. Its an angry little go-kart, isn’t it?

Hey, here’s a chance at winning something…

  • Is this a poll
  • Yes
  • No
  • Gokarts

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@Bimodal_Rocket , looks like it’s under settings/gear icon when you compose a reply.

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There are a finite number of tracks that exist.

How is it that iRacing keeps finding new ones for us to have to buy for their series?

When will they run out of tracks and what happens then? Do they persist by just making up fantasy tracks or something?

Basically, will the constant paying for new tracks ever end?

@Bimodal_Rocket I was thinking about this more last night, and DUH, I forgot to mention another big contributing factor that tends to explain why even small relatively light formula cars feel so sluggish in their response to driver inputs compared to karts…

In karts, you communicate with your tires via direct, hard-surface connections (e.g. the frame is connected directly to the bearing races for the spindles (or axle), the spindles (or axle) bearing races are connected directly to the spindle (or axle), and the spindle or axle is connected directly to the front (or rear) wheels. So, energy in a kart can move freely and quickly to the tires (and forces can move freely and quickly back to influence the kart and it’s energy level/state).

In cars, there is no path of direct hard-surface connection between the car’s energy and it’s tires because the energy must pass through (and be partially used to compress/rebound) the car’s springs/shocks.

So, when you send energy to a tire in a car, some of that energy will not reach the tire, which means how you must manage energy flow and the energy cycle to produce the desired tire loading profile needed to achieve peak tire load/traction/slip angle at the point where you want the car to rotate will always be different/slower than it is in a kart.

In my experience, while the energy movement of loading tires moves more slowly in cars than karts, the ‘forces’ feel the same… they just build more slowly. However, in a car, when peak energy (optimal load/slip angle) is achieved in a tire, and that energy naturally begins to return to the car, it feels much more powerful that in a kart.

Or, put another way, it feels like the ‘natural’ return of energy is boosted by the release of energy stored in the springs, so the ‘wave’ of returning energy feels more powerful than when loading the tire. So, in cars, when you get to the rotation point (and especially if you overdrive the entry of the turn and cause the rotation to happen later in the turn), it is critical that you are mentally ahead of that release of energy so you can manage the wave to avoid excessive rotation and/or overloading of the outside rear tire.

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Yeah I agree with all that. I notice the shocks absorbing things that would otherwise influence the car and its feel. I sense it in my daily, too. I would also agree that what I feel is the same as a kart but much, much slower in how the energy cycle expresses itself and also dissipates.

It’s intersting that the lotus 79 feels much more like a kart and feels free in iracing. It has to be weight that dominates how the car feels in sim. All of the cars I have “liked” across titles have always been the lightweight cars with aero. Power matters but not as much. A big heavy car with lots of power feels more alive than one without a lot of power.

One other thing. I noticed that in a loss of control situation involving losing the rear due to kerb zing, there is no recovery from a truly upset car whose shocks are bouncing. It overwhelms my ability to force the vehicle unlike, usually, a lightweight kart that you can boss around.

@Bimodal_Rocket, when you start pushing the 79 to the limit, setup becomes critical. Also, it’s fun because you can really feel most changes you make to setup. That is especially true with the differential settings in low-speed turns (mechanical grip). Also when you get the optimal ground effects settings (ride height and rake to get max downforce and the right balance of pressure), combined with the right front/rear wing angle/wicker it is crazy how fast the car can rip through high-speed turns. And it sounds awesome for a sim car… a decent representation of what I heard a Long Beach IRL when Mario won the USGP… that sharp crackle on deceleration Mmmmm!

The 79 county has a pretty active Discoard server where you can get setup files for various track, etc.

Oooh thanks! I noticed going into t1 at RA that this lotus 79 has really nice balance and can take heaps of front end load and still be compliant turning. I will deffo look up some tunes.

It does have a lovely crackling noise to it as well. Feels and sounds great.

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I have found peak sim racing title:

Also, iracing has a companion app as of this summer:

This app finally makes getting info about your results easier:

@speedcraft I think you’ve introduced me to some sort of weird Mikka Haakinen cult. The Lotus 79 discord has a section exclusively for pics of him. Was he the ultimate Lotus guy?

I think many of the die-hard 79 racers are from Scandinavian countries, so maybe that’s where the Mikka fandom comes from. :rofl:

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Mika debuted with Lotus but was known as a McLaren man mostly. He certainly didn’t drive the 79, that was about 15 years before his time.

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Last week 13 the battle of the little wings was the 79, the F4 I think, and the vee. I drove the vee and it was hilarious because the spotter wouldn’t tell you about a 79 until it had already passed you.

I am pretty sure Pyongyang racer is the absolute peak in sim racing, the GOAT rated by Jimmy Broadbent

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Lol. That country with its empty roads would make for an interesting street circuit.

Just came across this vid of the Ferrari simulator from a decade ago. Check out the travel on the actuators: