KP Forums: Now with (A Lot) Less Email

KP Forums: Now with (A Lot) Less Email.

Some of you reached out to say that you were getting A LOT of email from the forums. Which makes sense given our email bill was hitting 60/mo :laughing:

I found the problem and it’s been fixed. It goes back to an initial setting from before we launched the forums whereby new users were automatically subscribed to the #General-Karting category as “watching”.

Which means:


Very no bueno.

So, I ran a database script to change all users to “Normal” for the General Karting category.


So now you should get a LOT less emails. If you ended up sending forum notification emails to junk.

  1. We’re sorry
  2. You can undo that now

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for hanging out here.

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Hey James, is there any way to have me get subscribed to any thread I start or reply to, where I would get a notification of subsequent responses by emai? I didn’t see anything in the settings for that option.

By default you should get an email for any responses on a topic you created.

At the bottom of the topic, beneath the responses it shoo down show “watching”


If you’re not getting emails or notifications under your avatar let me know.

Thanks James, it looks like it defaulted to watching on the topic I created. Is there a setting where it would default to watching if I reply to a thread? If not no biggie I’ll just try to remember to manually change it if I reply.