Lando and Oscar go karting with RFM

Regardless of how you feel about the connection between F1 and karting, these kids look so excited to see and be around these F1 drivers. Cool video.

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I’m all about current drivers going karting :facepunch:

I love watching videos of “graduated” coming back to karting. You know they’re having a blast.

Side note, idk about you guys but I’d pay biiigggg money to watch the current F1 grid race each other in karts. No teams, no big budgets or upgrades, etc. Lets just throw them all in a 206 senior class or something and see who comes out on top


I’d pay to see this in rentals. Gx270 and caged like a proper rental kart.

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Not F1, but the closest thing I have seen to this was a bunch of Indy Car guys running a charity Pro Am last year. Very fun and entertaining.

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Once upon a time F1 drivers going head-to-head happened in 100cc JICA karts.

One of my stretch goals for the ice track is to
some day have a ProAm event on ice with the four stroke shifter engine and Mr @XanderClements covering it.


And a mechanics race

Might need somebody else’s karts for the mechanics race :hushed:

Only one F1 driver went back to karting properly and that was Schumacher, the rest are just too scared to get beat :wink:

Sergio Perez ran the SuperNats in 2016 and hung around 10th in KZ2, outside of that I haven’t seen any drivers do more than test days in a kart although given how their contracts are I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t allowed to race during the season, much like IndyCar drivers.

I do wonder if we’ll see Raikkonen at SuperNats in a few years with his kid racing karts now. I wouldn’t be surprised too see him with a Pro Shifter entry if his son showed up.

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Lance, George, Leclerc and Max was at supernats in 2012, Lance bet George in Tag junior.

Robert wickens won a FWT shifter event in 2018 before he put it on pole for his indycar debut. Rubens Barichello was in that race as well.

Not being a car guy I have no idea if the crossover works. Can you race cars for a bunch of years and come back to a fixed axle vehicle and not need some time to get used to it?

Karting is pretty intense compared to most car racing, so I imagine there is some adjustment to be made mentally. Plus these F1 guys are usually driving in some kind of conservation mode, not totally flat-out, where karting is more of a sprint.

I think there are some things that are actually similar in how you drive a downforce car and how you drive a kart with regards to managing load through the vehicle.

Of course anyone racing at F1 or IndyCar level is a very gifted driver and usually they seem to be able to figure out the vehicle dynamics pretty quickly and adapt.

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On a side note with the lando and oscar thing, i wish Daniel had caught wind of it and somehow arranged for a pair of Ricciardo chassis sitting there instead of Landos.

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Will Power was on the podium at the SuperNationals last year. Jenson Button was not on the podium at an LAKC race last year.

He was disqualified from X30 Masters :slight_smile: Still a lot of fair plays to him for still racing karts.

I honestly think the biggest transition is the thought processing speed difference. Things come at you very fast in karting and your time in the turns is short. Shifter karts are just brutal in terms of how many turns and braking zones get thrown at you per unit time.