Largest Elevated Go-Kart Track

Anyone see this? Says speeds only get up to 15MPH, but maybe someone can host a race there?

This is a fun-kart track, absolutely no way you could hold any organized race there.

Demo run in a shifter or a little gymkhana action be fun to see. Drift the entire spiral?

I fear they may have severely underestimated the dumbf**kery of humanity. Somehow, someone is going to flip a kart, get ejected, or punt someone else off that structure.

Either that or it collapses.

They have similar style fun kart tracks here in the Dells. Same spiral section and everything. It would next to impossible to flip one of those fun karts. But you never know!

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I have seen it happen at an indoor facility. Almost impossible but like evolution, nature finds a way.

I’ve had visions of ripping around some of those tracks in an FA since 2001 :smiley: