Leaking from spark plug inlet/dry start Kpv/ SPlug washer

A couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of trying to start my kart with very little fuel in the tank. In my distracted state and in horror I ended up sucking all the fuel out of the tank and attempted to dry start the engine. :cry: Since than I obviously put a fresh load of fuel and the engine cranks up fine, drove it around my block a couple of times and everything seems to be in working order. Except for a leak that I’ve discovered in the spark plug inlet hole. Fuel/Oil is slowly leaking out and down the middle of my fins when in the past it was sealed properly.

I’m sure I’m Not the only one who’s accidentally done this! Lesson learned!

2 questions:

  1. have I done any significant damage to the engine or piston rings, cylinder walls etc?

  2. Given the leak and the fact I’m running a Mychron 4 is it recommended to remove the spark plug washer before using said spark plug?

If the leak is from the spark plug hole in the head then try a new plug with new washer and no temp sensor first. A picture would help a lot.

You won’t have done any damage at all. Plug leakage is coincidental - new plug and gasket should fix it.

I got a new head gasket - would you place a touch of gasket sealant? Would you remove the washer on the plug given the temperature sensor ring?