Legal mods to ROK shifter

I plan on doing a few ROK races this year and want to build an engine. I want to build one engine just for fun and try my hand at it. So my question is why can legally be done to a “built” engine that’s still legal for ROK rules. And anyone who has driven a Swedetech (I would mostly likely have them build me one as well) built ROK how does it compare to a stock out of the box engine? Is the difference really that dramatic? Can anyone give me any tips?

To get an idea of what’s legal and what’s not legal I would start by reading the Rok Cup USA rules for the Rok Shifter engine. That will also give you an idea of what Swedetech will do to a motor that they build for a customer. Swedetech is one of the premier engine builders in the country, but you’re only going to find so much in terms of gains on a spec motor.

You need to read the regulations. That’s the first point of reference always