Let’s talk seats

I am pretty sure my seat is actively trying to hurt me.
Nothing feels right, it pinches my hipbone and seems intent on breaking my ribs over and over again.
I must have a weird body shape or something in that I am pretty sure that driving isn’t supposed to be this painful.
Does anyone make the equivalent of a tailored suit in terms of kart saddles? Something to your specific body dimensions?

Email Tillett directly. Steve is very helpful and was quick to answer my questions about seat and rib protectors.

They have alot more options and some in between sizes that may work.

So it sounds like your seat may be just a size too small. I noticed that too while I was first in my kart this year but apparently I’ve lost weight because it’s just a tiny bit looser now and it feels good. Still supporting me but not pinching my hips and rubbing on them as I go over a curb anymore.

If you really need a custom seat or at least a better one for your hips/back, @Tim is the owner of DeepSeat, which makes seats specifically for people with rib injuries/issues in karting. I’ve bought from both Koyens before, they’re an awesome family and super helpful all the time.

Thanks. I will examine those two avenues.

I should get a commission based on all my recommendations for this seat bolt kit: http://www.ribtect.com/RibtectSeat_Mounting_Kit.html

It’s not your seat, it’s most likely the bolts you’re using to mount it. I haven’t worn a rib vest in years since using the Ribtect bolt kit.

It amazes me some of the eat mounting contraptions i see on some others karts. I manufactured a slim mounting kit last week after having my ribs bashed to pieces last outing… i didnt know about ribtechs version then or i would have saved my effort.

Just to throw another option out there, I have this one, I love it, and it’s Titanium! (Cool factor :sunglasses: )