Light Front Left Tire?

So I straightened my kart, finally, and put it on some scales. We made a couple adjustments to weight placement, but we found that the left front is about 7 pounds lighter than the right front. Everything else scales pretty well, except this one piece. I’ve been thinking of moving the weights on the right side of my seat, two 4 pound weights. One over to the left side and maybe taking one off since I scaled a little heavy. Is that on the right track?

Sounds about right. 7 pounds isn’t a huge difference but yeah you can definitely fix that with a little weight moving.


I’d also be curious how old/soft the chassis is. One of my OTKs is so soft that if you gently jumped a corner, it could change the weight balance really easily. (Basically, it was an old noodle at that point.)

It’s a 2013, but that’s a strange behavior. As metal gets more stressed it actually stiffens up, until it gets flexed too much at which point the strength decreases at a quicker rate until it snaps. Was this a really worn chassis you’re using?

Not really old. It was a 2014 OTK that was used as an 206 for a few seasons, but it’s an OTK so = soft frame.

Ah okay, so it’s just being an OTK.

I thought you were saying the frame was so old that the steel softened up, which didn’t make sense to me, but now I get it.

I will plan on scaling the chassis more often now. I’m reasonably aggressive on the curbs, so I definitely see that being an issue.