LO206 Crank Endplay?

In practice yesterday, I noticed a dinging sound much like the time my clutch bolt loosened up on me. After I got in, I go check it out and all is tight, but I notice the entire crank has over an 1/8" of endplay…

Am I to assume this is not good? Is she toast? What might have caused this?

Thanks for the help

what clutch are you running, and what specifically do you mean by endplay? if you push on the shaft, does it wiggle up and down an 1/8 inch on the end? that’s my guess at what you mean.

Hilliard Flame… The clutch is bolted up tight against the step on the crank and all built as it should be. The whole crank slides in and out on the horizontal plane, like it’s sliding in the bearings. I checked 4 other motors in our camp and the worst one (my other) had just the slightest little tick, this one has over an 1/8" haha.

The kart was on a rail all day and the track was getting better. When the dinging started, my times went up nearly 2 seconds. I still need to dig into the squiggly lines on the computer though.

I got these motors used in a package deal and the seller was upfront that they had some miles on them, I guess it might just be time. Damnit.

1/8" endplay is a lot. I’d short block it.

Yes, its alot. Alot of times things can see larger then they are though so I woukd measure it with a dial indicator.

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