LO206 getting on track

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hitting the track for the first time with my 206. However, before I set off, I’d like to ensure that I’m fully prepared. I’ve noticed a slight scraping noise coming from the clutch when my axle spins, which I believe indicates the need for cleaning. I haven’t driven the kart yet, nor have I cleaned the clutch. On a positive note, I’ve installed a catch can, so that’s taken care of. I’ve also made sure to have sufficient fuel and chain lube. Could you please advise me on what else I might need for a successful track day?


I’m not a wrench so I’ll let the mechanically smart folks answer.


Hydration: water is not enough. Make sure you have electrolyte stuff. I like the packets you add to water intended for athletes.

Hat: you need a hat for between heats otherwise sunstroke (see hydration)

Sunblock. I don’t know about you but my neck probably doesn’t need to be any redder! It’s really easy to get burned on track.

Foldable seat.

Consider getting yourself a canopy if you end up really enjoying this!

Over time you’ll figure out your go-to bag. This is just a start.

Welcome to the party!!!

Thanks so much cant wait to get out there!

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Is this for a race or a practice day? Used kart or new build?

If used and for practice, check everything - nuts, bolts, spark plug, tire pressure, change the oil, recheck all nuts and bolts, chain tension, and then just rip.

Scrapping noise might be normal. 206 clutches are stamped and usually not very concentric so they have high and low spots. Does it make the noise over 4k on a stand? (Aka, when locked up)

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Used and for practice but got it set up with my track

What do you mean Locked up I put it on a stand and spin the axle and there is a certain spot on the clutch where there is some sort of cluch noise if you mess with the clutch it will stop for a bit but then i will continue Thanks!

Ron’s right. Pretty normal. Just run it.


Great! Thanks so much!

So when on the stand, instead of spinnning rear axle by hand. Start the engine and get the RPM high enough to spin the rear axle and keep the RPM steady and see if you still have a clutch noise. If you do, figure out whats wrong if not your good to go.

locked up is when the clutch is engaged. the motor needs to be running, as ron mentioned, and the rpm’s need to be up past the engagement point. the shoes and drum are basically “connected” when the clutch is locked up, so you shouldn’t really be hearing any kind of grinding or scraping at that point.

when you spin the axle on the stand, engine not running, the drum is spinning, the shoes are not, and again, as mentioned, the shoes and drum may touch a little, since all the parts aren’t at lexus tolerances. more than likely, that’s the scraping you’re hearing, and it’s not a big deal at all.

not sure how much previous racing or wrenching you’ve done, but typically, once the race gets going, your clutch stays locked up the whole race, unless you have a really weird track layout.

Oh ok Great thanks so much !

Do pay attention to how clutch is installed when you take it apart so you can get it back together the same way. It isn’t rocket surgery, but there can be fiddly washer/spacer combos depending on what you’ve got, and especially important to get right are the radiused bushing at the shoulder on the crankshaft and the lack of end play on crankshaft so it doesn’t beat your keyway up.

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Ok thanks Do you know what mychron sensors i need for 206

Just RPM lead is used by most people.

Ok thanks that was really helpfull

Do I need the mychron before going out forthe first time ? also is this what i need plus the unit by itself

You don’t “need” a Mychron, but it’ll be nice to have eventually. I’m a data nerd, so I love really diving into it. For just lap times, my wife got pretty good at just using her timer on her phone. It’s helpful to know how far you are off the pace, and it is encouraging to see the times drop, but a single lap time won’t tell you which turns you got right and which you got wrong. But if you are like me (very green), the answer to “where can I improve?” is “everywhere”.

In short, don’t let the absence of a timer keep you from getting on track, but, to me at least, a Mychron (or similar) is all apart of the fun

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They almost always come with the lead, but it is just wire. I’d just ZipTie some 18ga wire rather than fork out lunch money

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Is this your first track day in any class? A few things I would suggest…

Tools to make adjustments and such
Tire pressure gauge
rags/paper towels
different gears
I assume you have your safety gear (helmet, neck brace, rib vest, gloves) as well as long pants and jacket or suit.

As for you, water and snacks or food if that isn’t available.

Paper and pen or phone to write down everything you wish you had for your next visit.

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