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I have a buddy that wants to get a shifter kart to use at his country club car track. No racing, just laps. He is in his 60’s and has a Corvette but would rather not use that all the time. The track is a little over a mile and would probably be fun but…

He’s looking to do this on the cheap. Older is fine and he recently sent me a listing:

I see headache and heartbreak but I haven’t been able to convince him. What would be the thoughts you have, pro or con?

I am concerned about parts since everything looks older. The motor may run but I remember struggling with an old Yamaha and this has several layers of complexity over that

Can’t open it (I don’t do FB) but yeah I agree a corvette on a kart track is gonna be a handful, a shifter will be much less work :joy:

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I pulled up the link, looks like a TM moto engine, which parts can still be gotten. Parts for the kart are most certainly the bigger issue, but stuff like brake pads can probably be found. For another 1000-1500 he could definitely get a more modern kart. A good used kart with a '99 “stock” Honda would be a good one for his purposes.

I wouldn’t mess with a TM Moto but I kind of want that chassis…

Like @Rdub3 said, you can find a decent Stock Honda package for 2500-3000 which will be cheaper on maintenance in the long haul.

cr125 seems to be “cheap” and “reliable” at least in the modern era of shifter engines. I know a couple guys who go multiple seasons without rebuilds.
At least thats what they tell me. I have no personal experience

Cheap as in purchase price? Running cost? The kart seems priced around market, but older $1500 shifters tend to be $3000 shifters in disguise.

If he’s up for a project that could be more wrenching than driving then it’s worth a punt.

But if he’s thinking he’s going to be good to go to hit the track after picking that kart up without spending extra coin and work…. There’s a good chance he’s in for a shock. Also, if he’s not an engine or two stroke guy, deduct more “fun points” for that too.

In short, at face value looks like a reasonable deal for what it is… The question is weather it lines up with you friend’s expectations.


Good advice James. There is no such thing as cheap! I agree with your assessment on the initial price.

Does anyone recognize what motor that is?

It’s a TM moto. Mechanically and technically as good (or better) than the CR125. Very nice engine.

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