MCP Caliper Mounting Bracket for Birel

I just ordered an MCP MC and caliper for my 2010 Monza build. I realized the rear caliper will not mount nor will it allow enough clearance for the rear axle. Im looking at adapter brackets and I’m at a loss as to which one I should purchase.

Does anyone have experience mounting an MCP caliper to a Birel Frame?

Photos would be welcome.


I did not do this with a Birel, but I did utilize a Righetti brake support bracket one time for a CRG (VEN99) brake system that was no longer supported, and drilled custom holes for the caliper in the bracket to make it work.

You can also fabricate your own support bracket if you know the rough bolt pattern of the nearby bearing cassette. As long as you can firmly mount to the bearing cassette, the rest of the install should be fairly easy.

A few years ago we had to mount an MCP system to an older energy chassis. Energy no longer made that style caliper and pretty much refused to help us out with a solution.

We bought an MCP and there was a conversion backed that we purchased. I believe we got it from Comet but I’m sure a Google search will help get you in the right direction. If I remember correctly we also had to modify the bracket slightly but got it to work for a couple seasons.

I just got a fabricator to make me a stainless bracket with 6 mounting points for the caliper. It should be done in the next week or so It’s a real pain to find corresponding parts when building up an older chassis that you can’t find specs for. Finding solutions is half the fun! I’ll keep you guys posted.

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