Measuring Caster for Karts without the OTK Style Adjuster

Hi all,

Just getting back into all this after a 7 year break. I have a like new Arrow X2 that I has 2 events on it (no crash, big impacts) that I’m working on some front end setup.

I noticed at the USPKS race at Toad America this last weekend that it seems like every chassis now has the OTK style caster/camber adjuster. My Arrow X2 still just has the hex with a line on it for the upper and lower pill. There’s no reference points on the frame though and I haven’t figured out a solid way of measuring caster.

The goal would be to figure out a way to mark maybe 4 reference points on the frame around the adjuster to have as reference points.

Anyone have any experience with this?


This seems to have the info you’re looking for.

You should have a Sniper V2 to adjust the toe and it would also verify the castor.