Member Participation

My club is a not for profit, and it is member run. I am both a committee member and racing participant.
We all love racing, and it is very easy to participate online, but I would like to encourage all of you too help out “in the real” as well.

My club hosted a large event a couple of weeks ago, and I was wrecked. There are heaps of jobs that are required to keep an event running smoothly, and I would encourage you to help out in any way you can.
You don’t have to be an official, the simplest things can help out. Empty bins, clean up the toilets, direct traffic. The most frustrating thing for the whole weekend was watching members of my own club walking past problems that could be easily solved right then and there, but will add up to big problem if left.

There are many types of ownership and management of Kart circuits, some are full fee paying facilities and some are basically member run not for profit facilities. But I am sure all of them would appreciate members taking ownership of their sport and helping out when things are busy.

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