Midwest karting Association bid mid-season farewell

Like the Tennessee Kart Association the owner of the Eau Claire Kart Track is shutting down mid-season. The Menards company and family have allowed the club to race on this track for decades and the time has come to make other plans.

Oh no. I was just thinking of them today :frowning:
One of my favorite races was a shifter night race I did there, it started to rain and we were on slicks. Absolutely epic. For me, one of the biggest challenges was not being able to run there during the week.

I wonder what’s next for the club. It looks like Stockholm Karting Center and USAIR are equidistant from Eau Claire, but I can’t say where their contingent travels from.

What’s the story behind Tennessee Kart Association.

Tennessee raced at National Corvette Museum. The kart track closed or I don’t exactly know, but they had to leave and they merged with AMP’D UP for the rest of the season.