Modified 09 Leopard? Has anyone done one?

Has anyone done a modified MY09 leopard just for fun/practice?
I don’t plan on racing it in any series so no rules to follow.
Has anyone done one or have some insights on what would work and not work in terms of bigger carbs, and cylinder mods?

yes have done porting an few other mods on two of these engines run well !!! as you no their no longer legal but i built these two for people who just enjoy track days one does drifting

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Lowering the head volume perks them up some at the expense of overrev.

You could go with a simple setup like this:

Reduced head vol
Added ignition advance
30mm carb (KF butterfly or older pumper slide). Adapted for methanol.

You’ll wake it up quite a bit with those changes.

I’ve driven a regular leopard and they are pretty woke already. 17k rpm! What does changing the carb to a bigger one do? More hp since greater intake?

Basic - overly simplified - formula for more power is more air and fuel [at the correct ratios]. If you can manage to get those into the engine you’ll generally make more power with respective changes in ignition timing and increasing the rate of heat transfer (so as not to overheat in short order). You can usually move more air by removing restrictions - larger carb/throttle aperature, porting; and on a 2-stroke, exhaust design is critical. Methanol will allow the fuel to aid in heat transfer due to the increased volume requied and the energy required for vaporization, in addition the ignition timing is modified to take advantage of the different thermodynamic properties of that specific fuel.

Got it. Makes sense. Thanks!