Mondo Kart Axle

Came across this axle and was wondering if anyone in here has used it before and if so how was it?

Looking to get a new axle for an OTK chassis with an LO206 engine.

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On the axle matter from mondo i have used 2 times till now the cheaper from the otk righetti but a little bit expensive that the mondo axle . And i dont have any problems . So from me the righetti axles from them are passing the tests .

i Dont have an oppinion for mondo axle .

We have used them previously with no issue. The only thing you dont know is relative stiffness. Is a Mondo medium softer than an OTK N? Maybe a little harder. No real way of knowing. If you are just looking for a cheap spare or an emergency axle, or even just one that is straight because you are new and need to get on the track, I would go for it.


Any chance someone in the US bother three? If so, how was the shipping cost?

Iā€™m almost certain you can get a shipping quote during checkout?