Multimillion dollar expansion starting at whiteland raceway park

Announced on Facebook today:

Whiteland Raceway Park has broken ground on a multi-million-dollar expansion of its facility and track. The expansion is set to make Whiteland Raceway Park a premier karting facility in the Midwest and known across the country.

Opened in 1958, WRP is the country’s oldest operating go-kart track. As such WRP is going pay homage to its roots, while providing necessary upgrades in order to host top-tier events. Upgrades include:

• Nearly ½ mile of track addition
• Additional 7 turns and countless race configuration options
• Additional 100+ paved and powered parking spots
• Motorhome hookups
• MPG / WPK garage and parts supply shop
• Additional 28 garages
• Covered grid staging area
• Covered tech area
• Additional bathrooms and shower facility
• Enhanced LED lights

Indiana is a mecca for motorsports. The sport has had such a major role in the history of the state, and WRP is a prime example of that prestige and tradition. Not only does this facility help build the grassroots of motorsports, but it will continue to infuse life into the local and regional economy.

Andy and Sarah (Fisher) O’Gara purchased WRP in 2018 and saved it from closure. Throughout the years, it hosted countless races, series and events, saw the rise of driver’s like Tony Stewart and John Andretti and made its mark on the history of racing.

These necessary updates will continue to allow it to do so. The site will host satellite facilities or headquarters for four of the top karting teams in the Midwest, including MPG Motorsports, who will have a full-service race shop and take over the sales of all parts and supplies to racers on site.

WRP will continue to sell fuel and tires for all competitors.

Construction has already begun on the track updates and will continue throughout the winter. Updates are scheduled to be completed by next April.


Literally 3 world class facilities within 2 hours of each other. We are truly lucky here in the Midwest.


Boy I’m puckered up just at the thought of going full beans down that new back straight into the banking :poop:

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Kid in the treetops, what’s the over/under for how many races till it happens? :rofl:

Bank is launch ramp?

It will be with that straight.

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Nah, entry and exit to it are completely reconfigured. Gonna be fine. They are also cleaning up the exit so there is proper run off

Eh, run off, schmun off. We don’t need no run off. :grin:

I was hoping they’d level it and go flat 90.

That would be a damn shame and you know it! If you want 90’s just go to NCMP :laughing:

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@Muskabeatz , I must be the only person that thinks the single racing line unusable banked turn is pointless. :man_shrugging:t2: I guess it makes cool pictures.

You are being silly. Making it a flat 90 would not add another racing line and sure wouldn’t make it race any better. Is the bank pointless? Yes, absolutely. But is it cool, yes. Its part of the history of the track.


I would say Thompson Turn 1 is very much that and its a fantastic corner can make turn 2 so very lively. I think the same will happen counter clockwise. The brake zone into that tight corner is going to be insane! Highest Gs I hever hit in my 420 kart was into that brake zone peaked 4.1G! Now with an even longer run up, its gonna be insane…

I’m just glad it’ll be a track suitable for proper testing now.

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