Multiple Function Switch

After careful investigation, the reason for switch failures (engine start problems, possible
engine misfire) has been addressed as follows:

Grease isolating the contacts, inside the switch, causing the failure.


Procedure to fix a failed switch:
1) Replace defective switch with a new switch:
New switch must be marked with the number “264854”.
2) Removal of grease from the connector
The removal of grease is only valid for the connector of the switch, not for any other connector of the wiring harness!

Please follow the instructions:

  1. Disconnect the switch from the wiring harness.
  2. Wrap a cloth around the wiring harness to prevent the tape from coming off.
  3. Use compressed air to blow (approx. 10 seconds) the grease out of the connector towards the wiring harness. Make sure the grease can escape.


  1. Spray (approx. 5 seconds) contact cleaner into the connector and on the contacts inside.
    If no contact cleaner is available, also brake cleaner can be used.
  2. Repeat the steps 3 and 4, 2-3 times until the connector is 100% free of grease!


We highly recommend wearing safety goggles and gloves during
this process!

Recommended cleaning products:
Contact Cleaner (e.g. Spraywash) or Brake Cleaner (e.g. XPS)



NOTE: Replacing the switch only, without removing the grease will lead to a failure
** again!**

Switch, sealing of the parting line
NOTE: The switch is sealed on the parting line to prevent water
For this reason, the switch must not be opened!
By opening the switch this will break the sealing which can cause failure and warranty becomes void.


If you have any questions or concerns please ask your Rotax dealer.
They will be happy to help you.

Kind regards,

Your Rotax Team