MyChron 4 GPS Track Issues


I’ve searched on this, but haven’t found anything specific to this issue.

My son’s got a MyChron 4 with the GPS module, that we bought second-hand. The tracks on the MyChron are the old ones from the previous owner, but when I get it all connected to GPS Manager on the laptop, those tracks don’t show up. I’ve added my local track to the device using GPS Manager, but the old tracks on the device remain unchanged.

The GPS module itself works well - gets a good amount of satellites and can manually track times when you add a new track.

Anyone have experience with this? I’ve got an open ticket with AIM support, but figured I’d ask to see if any of you have figured this out.

When I bought a second hand kart with a MyChron 4, the previous owner had a similar issue and resulted to buying a newer unit. Ever since I’ve switched to a MyChron 5S, as I’ve heard setting up the MyChron 4 GPS can be a real headache. Not to mention the benefits of Race Studio 3, more accurate built in gps, etc. It’s likely worth the Investment over the GPS module in my opinion although it can depend on how tight the budget is. Resale value for a MyChron 4 with the GPS is around 300$ with the module on eBay so not too far off the price of a new Alfano 6 or MyChron 5/5S.

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Thanks @Adrien_Dumont. I have a 5S for my kart and love it; it’s never had an issue. I bought the 4 when my son was in kid kart and got a good deal. Hoping I can get it to work while he’s in cadet.

When we were at the track last week, I manually set a GPS beacon at the start/finish line, so that allowed us to start tracking his lap times. Also, the GPS was registering our track, so it may have just started to work.

If it becomes unmanageable, I may consider trading up to a 5/5S.

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If you’re using a MyC4 I wouldn’t use the GPS for the lap timer but instead use the infra-red beacon. Yeah, its a pain because the track or race organizers don’t always put a beacon out. I found that GPS when used for the triggering the lap timer for the MyC4 didn’t always reflect the same time as the track timer. There were some instances where it was off by .25 seconds.

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Thanks Larry, didn’t realize it could be that far off.