Mychron 5 setup for a Vortex ROK GP

I purchased my kart last year used from somebody. It is an Intrepid Cruiser MS3 with Vortex ROK GP engine. I was messing around with the Mychron today getting ready for my track to open and get into the settings.

What are the ideal settings for RPM setup and the LED bar?

This is what my kart is currently set to:

Thanks for your suggestions.

The LED bar is mainly used as a cue for shifting gears. Since your engine is a single speed I would either disable or set to a high enough RPM that it will never trigger the lights.

On another note, you may want to adjust your RPM scaling to 16k to ensure that the Mychron is able to capture the full RPM range from your sessions. You can also set an LED indicator for water temperature by specifying an upper bound, and anything above that will cause an LED to come on. This can be a helpful bit to help alert you of temps running too hot.

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Not as familiar with the M5, as I still run an M4. There should be a separate sub menu for setting RPM range labeled “Max RPM” in the wizard setup. The previous owner may have wanted to use the five LEDs as a Histogram Tachometer (bar that gets wider with higher value) in addition to the Digit readout on the screen. This might be helpful for gear selection when coming off corners. If you know where in the rpm range your peak torque is or at least where the engine starts making good power you can set the shift light to indicate you are regularly at or above that number. If not, you go up a tooth or two, if over, you down a tooth or two.
Temp alarms are usually set in a different sub menu. If it is only a one temp unit, you can usually set a low temp value for light 1 and a high temp value for light 2. It helps make sure everything is warmed up before you start pushing the engine too hard.

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