Mychron 5 tutorial help

Hey all, hope everyone is doing well. The season is nearly upon me here in upstate NY (Rochester). Anyone in the area running in tag senior? Got my new (new to me) kart this week! 2018 Praga x30.

Came with a mychron 5. Super unfamiliar with it. Read through a bunch of great threads here. Just wondering if there are any good tutorial videos that anyone has come across. Kind of like and introduction to it. I have no real idea what it’s full potential is. Or how to start using it. Other than my usual “play with all the buttons and wing it” style lol.

Thanks again y’all. 20190410_171623

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I’m no expert but there’s a config wizard built in. The one thing you should know is that if you download the software, you can wirelessly pull data off the unit and use it for analysis, videos etc.

That is a really nice kart!! The weather is not looking great for the next few weeks here, hopefully we get lucky on a Sunday coming up. I’ve got a mychron5 too, but also pretty new to it. I’d be happy to show you what I’ve figured out and go through how to upload data and read the basics of it quickly. Most of the logging side of it is automatic, it’ll detect even smaller tracks like Avon automatically and log your laps

Thanks for the link Dom.

Joseph that would be fantastic. What kart class are you running?

Senior animal light! Supposed to be a really big class this year; not as fast, but should be good racing

Sweet! That’s the Briggs 206 right? 4 stroke? Sorry if I’m incorrect. Still trying to learn and remember as much as I can lol

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It’s the same thing as a 206 but with a higher rev limiter, it’s a local club only class run by Rich Gamrod. Still sealed, still slow hahah! I’m getting back into karting on a grad school budget so it’s what I can afford, and it’s certainly better than not racing. I know a couple of guys in 2stroke who will help you out with setup and all that, everyone at the club is really helpful and would rather have fast competition and good racing for the most part

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I’m thrilled to be a part of the karting community. Everyone I’ve talked to for the most part has been extremely helpful and courteous. Both in my local area and from afar.

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We are happy to help. Welcome.

For race studio/data analysis, Sit down with a notepad and take some time to go though the video playlist that @DavinRS created with AIM.

KartPulse/AiM Sports - Data Videos

Ah yes those were great. Also, as you get further along your journey, consider having a coach show you how to look at data.

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Talk to @Eric_Gunderson. He has a virtual data coaching service via Apex Predator that has been invaluable in my races.

Helped me with some podiums, for sure!

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